Pairing Wine With Tobacco

Pairing Wine With Tobacco

When it comes to enjoying wine, people with a keen sense of taste will get the most out of it. This is because this drink often contains many different subtle flavour hints. Interestingly enough, tobacco is sometimes one of these flavours.

Once a person has trained their tongue and nose enough, they will be able to tell which wine bottles feature tobacco. Novices usually have difficulty with this task. If wine utilises tobacco, it will be in the background. Tasters may have to look for it.

While the act of smoking has declined in recent years, there is still a large community who enjoy the taste of tobacco. These people might be familiar with a Swedish product known as snus. While it is illegal to sell in Britain, there are sites that offer snus UK alternatives. The best company to obtain it from is Northerner.

Enjoying Snus Alternatives With Wine

One of the reasons why someone would choose to enjoy tobacco with wine is because it creates exciting flavour combinations. Purists may think that this is the wrong thing to do as it takes the emphasis away from the wine. However, a lot of people will instead want to try something new and innovative. If so, then the snus UK alternatives from Northerner will be ideal. There are two main ways to mix them. First, the person can drink wine after they have recently sampled the tobacco. This is appealing because it helps to wash it down. Alternatively, they could try the opposite by chewing on tobacco soon after swallowing the wine. Either way, it is sure to be a fun experience for the senses.

A Rich History

Before snus came to the attention of the British public, it was already common for people to mix tobacco with their alcohol. In social settings, they would smoke cigarettes or cigars while trying out new wines. Once the health issues caused by smoking gained the attention of the public, this social practice became less popular. However, if a modern tobacco and wine fan wants to continue this rich history, they could chew the nicotine product instead. Doing so is a relatively healthier option. If they are also concerned about the dangers of alcohol consumption, they may spit the wine out in the traditional manner.

Red, White or Rose?

Once the person has made up their mind about mixing these two elements together, they may wonder which wine type is the most appropriate option. It will largely depend on their individual tastes. A snus UK alternative could contain a plethora of great flavours. The wine bottle should state what hints of flavour it has. The drinker should only combine the two items if they complement each other.

Flavoured Tobacco Pouches

The drinker also needs to take into account a new trend in modern tobacco pouches. Not all of them have a traditional flavour. Instead, they could be minty, fruity or spicy. This variable will affect which products are most suitable for a wine pairing.