Everything About Wine: Creative Places to Store Wine at Home

Everything About Wine: Creative Places to Store Wine at Home

Compiling a wine selection that is unique to your tastes is one of the greatest joys of learning about and appreciating wine. However, selecting and purchasing wines is only one step; they must also be stored. Making the wrong storage decision for wine can be disastrous. Knowing where and how to store wine bottles at home is crucial for any wine enthusiast because wine is a highly fragile beverage that spoils easily.

The Living Room and Unused Guest Rooms

Unlike living rooms, basements are not found in every house. You may create a stunning wine cellar in a portion of your living room. Making a wine wall, which includes a glass-enclosed compartment along one wall, is one common choice. A wine wall can be an attractive living room focal point.

Another option is to convert an unoccupied guest room into a wine cellar. If you have or would like to have a sizable wine collection, the extra space in the guest rooms is ideal.

In the Corridor or Beneath the Stairs

If your corridor is spacious, you may make one of the walls a gorgeous wine wall. Another choice is to turn a dark, hidden area of your foyer into a wine closet. In this manner, your wine is displayed in your home as a priceless jewel.

You may use that unused space under the stairs as the new cellar for your wine. Even with limited space, you can probably install a wine refrigerator in that area.

Kitchen Counter is a Bad Idea

Wine encounters a variety of issues due to heat. Long-term exposure to temperatures exceeding 80 degrees celsius will cause the wine to lose some flavour. Another risk associated with significant heat damage is that when the wine is corked-closed, the heat may cause the cork to push out of the bottle, rupturing the airtight seal and occasionally allowing the wine to flow out. Heat damage and oxidation occur when the wine is exposed to too much air and begins to taste bland.