Decor and Drink; a Place to Enjoy Your Wine

Decor and Drink; a Place to Enjoy Your Wine

It’s easy to put a tremendous amount of effort into finding the right wine but did you know that the room you drink it in can be just as important? Most of us need to be in a certain mood in order to truly relax with a glass of delicious wine in our hands, and decorating a room well is a big part of getting into that state of mind. This article is packed with tips to help you create a space where you can truly kick back and enjoy your favourite tipple.

Colours and Furnishings

Most of us feel most comfortable in warm and cosy places, particularly when we are trying to relax and forget about our troubles. For this reason, it’s best to stick to neutral or warm colours and avoid cool tones such as blues and greens. Try to prevent the room from feeling too bare, add accessories like side tables and luxury kilim rugs to create an environment that feels truly inviting and relaxing.

Making Sure That Everyone Feels Relaxed

Once your own comfort has been taken care of, it’s time to think of everyone who will be sharing that bottle of wine with you. The first thing to consider is making sure that everyone has a comfortable chair to sit in. When you’re hosting a far bigger party than usual, then it’s absolutely okay to use occasional and non-matching furniture to make sure that everyone has a place to be comfortable. If the standard number of people will be in a room (everyone in a family plus a few others, for instance), they should be easily and comfortably accommodated by the usual furniture in a room.

Wine drinking requires a particular type of furniture that is both comfortable and practical. If you or anyone you plan to invite into the room is a little clumsy (and especially if you are a fan of red wine), then make sure that the furniture you choose is easy to clean in order to avoid any expensive disasters.

Enjoying Your Space

Once you have gone to all of that effort to create a space that you can genuinely enjoy, then it is time to grab the corkscrew, open that bottle of wine and start to relax. Remember, however, that the room you create the first time doesn’t need to be the finished article. Fashions change as the months and years go by, and choosing a decor that is easy to adjust in line with your changing tastes is generally a good idea whenever possible. A new rug or a quick lick of paint can make a massive difference to the way that a room feels, and regularly changing accessories is the best way to create a space where you can enjoy wine for years to come.