The Ideal Sofa Covers for Wine Parties

The Ideal Sofa Covers for Wine Parties

In the past the most impressive wine parties tended to only be held in very exclusive venues. Luckily, times have changed and it is incredibly easy to host these kinds of events at home. This is helped by the fact that small guest numbers are encouraged. The ideal party will usually have under 10 or so people.

When setting one up, it is vital that the right kind of furniture is used. If not, then it can make a bad impression on the guests. The role of the sofa covers may seem small but they do in fact make a massive difference. Therefore, high quality ones need to be purchased. These can be provided by Bemz. The site has numerous IKEA sofa covers to choose from.

Classic and Elegant Style

Minimalism never goes out of style. The furniture needs to be fairly simple in order to exude a sense of elegance. For this reason, a patternless plain cover is the best option to pick. For example, the Ikea Söderhamn sofa cover from Bemz manages to give off classic vibes with its spotless white colour. When guests sit on this as they try the wine, they will feel like they are at a truly classy event.

A Comfortable Feel

As well as looking good, the sofa cover should also provide a good level of comfort for the guests who are resting on it. If they feel uncomfortable, then it can distract them from the fun wine drinking experience. In order for them to notice all of the subtle notes, there can be no distractions. Bemz sofa covers feel great so that the people at the party can focus solely on their delicious wine.

Easily Replaceable

Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen at tasting parties. At these events, wine and cheese are often paired together. All it takes is one accidental slip for stains to get on the furniture. When this happens, it is very useful to have replacement covers on hand. It is therefore wise to buy multiple covers and store them just in case they are needed. Easily replaceable covers are ideal for people who worry about potential stains.


If organisers want their event to be as good as possible, they need to be aware of how much money is available to them. The budget of the party should go more towards the actual wine than the furniture. Luckily, the products available from Bemz are very affordable. The money saved can be spent on better quality wine vintages and glassware.