Classic Cheese and Wine Pairing

Classic Cheese and Wine Pairing

You can’t pair wine with just about any food. You may cause a scandal if you do that. And when it comes to wine and cheese, the same principle applies. You don’t just pair any type of wine with any cheese. With the following iconic matches, however, you will never go wrong.

Tempranillo/Idiazabal: This combination is one of those pairings that exemplify the old saying which states that it goes together if it grows together. Quite interestingly, these two are both Spanish and are known for their smoky and savoury flavours, which make them a perfect match.

Provence Rose/Havarti: Havarti is known for its mellow flavour, which makes it a perfect complement for Provence Rose, a wine with delicate and delicious crisp, red fruit. Additionally, the cheese’s soft texture goes well with the wine’s steely minerality.

Pinot Noir/Gruyere: Gruyere is one of the best medium-firm cheeses you will ever find out there, and many people love it because of its nutty flavours, which blend well with Pinot Noir’s red berry fruit. In terms of complexity and aroma, Pinot Noir and Gruyere have the right balance, and none of these seem to overpower another.

Vermentino/Fiore Sardo: featuring an oily texture, Vermentino is a perfect match for Fiore Sardo, which is liked thanks to its nutty nature and fruity acidity. Fiore Sardo is obtained from sheep’s milk, which means it has a fatty character inherent to it. A combination of this character and the wine’s citrus notes mean that both the wine and the cheese can only enhance each other.

Champagne/brie: What a match! The popular Champagne is the face of the world of wines, and any combination involving this classic wine commands a lot of respect. Now, its combination with brie is one of them. Brie is a fatty, triple-cream cheese, and that calls for a sharp, acidic drink capable of cutting through its fatty nature.