The Aegean Region: Birthplace of Wine

The Aegean Region: Birthplace of Wine

Comprising areas in modern-day Greece and Turkey, the Aegean region has been producing excellent wine since at least 5,000 BC. It was a popular commodity in Crete’s early Minoan civilisation, and the epic poet Homer wrote about the region’s thriving wine trade some 2,700 years ago.

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Today, the region around the Aegean Sea is still known for its wine culture, along with its mouth-watering local cuisine, which mainly revolves around seafood. The Aegean coastline, both in Greece and Turkey, is currently home to numerous seaside cafes and eateries known for serving excellent local wines in proper glasses.

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Endless Variety

Grapevines exist on every inhabitable island of the Aegean Sea, including Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, and Samos, and along the coasts of the Greek and Turkish mainlands. And every variety is unique: Santorini, for example, is known for its dry and mineral-rich white wine, Limnos and Rhodes for their unique Muscato, and Crete for its unusually pale red wine.

The region also produces the ever-popular Malvasia variety of grape, which has been exported from the Aegean to Europe since the early Middle Ages.

The Aegean region is characterised by a dry, mild climate. It’s also known for its summer breezes, which necessitate growing the grapevines close to the ground. Visitors to the region especially enjoy local wine-tasting fairs, after which they will typically return to their dressing table mirror to make sure they haven’t stained their best evening wear.