Aloha to a Hawaiian wine tasting adventure

Aloha to a Hawaiian wine tasting adventure

Destination wine tasting tours are becoming very popular for various reasons, among those being able to combine your culinary and matrimonial adventure with a holiday trip of a lifetime. At the top of the list of destinations for wines, weddings and holidays are any of the six beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii. Contrary to popular belief, European countries are not the only places that offer great winery experiences. Setting the mood for your winery journey does not have to be only about sampling this desirable nectar. Ideally combining it with an occasion such as a stag or hen do is preferable. This option ensures that the nightlife is more vibrant and the experience more intense. It also offers possibilities of island hopping as Hawaii can often feel intoxicating with its enviable beaches and vitamin D infused weather.

With intent in mind, the time to settle in means finding the right base location so as to have a place to rest your weary head once the intoxication takes over. While wine tasting, in general, is not meant to make you drunk, the chances of mild inebriation are not, however, diminished. Most wine connoisseurs would scoff at the idea that a winery tour is about the alcohol, but when it’s in the spirit of fun, education can be more than just a swirl and spit. However, you can ensure your livi video can assist should you need help from your GP to deal with hangovers.

Top choice Islands

Hawaii is the “The Big Island” as it is the biggest of the 6 most popular locations; it boasts beautiful beaches, rainforest and snow-capped mountains. Hawaii offers the most diverse range of locations and climates and has something to suit most tastes and styles.

Oahu is a more lively location with a big entertainment district, so if you are looking for a party style occasion this is a great choice and also has the largest airport. Besides that, it is the home of two interesting wineries which include the RHS distillery and Oeno winemaking. This ensures that no one is bored with the tours and travelling from one destination to the other is itself an adventure with interesting pitstops, granted everyone is still sober.

Maui is well known for its breathtaking beaches and is often referred to as the most romantic of the islands. Maui also offers a number of beautiful luxury hotels if you want a more stylish setting. As for the wine, Maui wine is the stop to be made. The sole reason being that it offers a vast vineyard which proudly boasts bottling some of the finest vintage wines.

Kauai, known also as “The Garden Isle” is as lush and tropical as its name suggests and is a nature lovers’ dream. It has a slower pace than the bigger islands, with a focus on outdoor activities. Get your fix from the wine shop and hit the beach to watch the sunset after a hard day of engaging action.