White Wine

White Wine

Lighter than its red counterpart, white wine is extracted from either light red grapes (e.g. Gewurztraminer) or light yellow-green grapes (e.g. Chardonnay). It is known for its high acidity, and it differs from the great red wine due to lack of tannin, which is the bitter grape skin part that gives red wine its distinctive taste and color. Generally, white wine has a great reputation in terms of richness, and save for a few notable exceptions, this wine does not age well.

Types of White Wine

White wine exists in different types, which make this classic drink versatile (versatility is part of its charm anyway). However, these many types may leave you in a dilemma as to which white wine is best for you. Should you opt for Riesling, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc? Of course, there are others: Italian whites, New World whites, and French whites- so, which one? Let’s take a peek at some of the most popular white wines.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the oldest white wines. It is popular around the world thanks to the winemakers in New Zealand, Marlborough, and of course, the French Loire Valley and Bordeaux. Sauvignon Blanc flavors differ. You may get a very “green” flavor with subtle notes of several herbs. While Sauvignon Blanc made from less ripe grapes in cooler climates have strong flavors of green apples and limes, the same wine extracted from riper fruits in warmer climates boasts stronger flavors of passion fruit and peaches. On top of these primary tastes, you will find hints of grass, bell peppers, jalapenos, and gooseberries.


This is one of the most unique whites to ever exist. Believed to have been invented in Rhine River, Germany, Riesling is now found everywhere under the sun. Its strong aroma is one of the properties that make it very popular. Heavy fruit aromas of nectarine, peach, honey-crisp apple, and pear can all be found

in Riesling. If you’re keen enough, you will also detect petrol or honeycomb (in subtler hints though) as this classic drink ages. Although many people think that Riesling is always a sweet drink, it comes in different styles, ranging from lusciously sweet to bone-dry. The secret of making good Riesling is to strike a balance between acidity and sweetness.


Being one of the most famous white wines around the globe, Chardonnay is grown in almost every wine-growing region. It comes in all styles, making it a drink for everyone! The two basic styles of Chardonnay are oaked and unoaked. While oaked wines have a medium to low acidity, their unaoked sisters tend to have a medium to high acidity.

Now that you already know what white wine is all about, take action and give it a shot, but remember, like any other good thing, moderation is important. Cheers!