Collecting Bordeaux Wines

Collecting Bordeaux Wines

There are wine collectors all over the world who find the activity delightful. Such people have in their possession outstanding vintage wines from the best vineyards around the world. A good wine collection also creates a picturesque background and increases in value over time. Good wine collections are often sold for a lot of money in the end.

No wonder collectors go through the trouble visiting vineyards all around the world to pursue their passion. Some are on the hunt for these exotic wines after osteoarthritis diagnosis as studies have shown that red wine may be good for the condition as it has anti-inflammatory effects.

The best collectable wines have several features that make them unique. They are stored for a considerable amount of years and have to be tracked throughout.

Some of the most sought after collectable wines today are those under the Bordeaux classifications. In 1855, Bordeaux wines were first ranked according to the reputation of the vineyard, quality, and price. The ranking system triggered even more collectors of these exquisite wines.

Popular Bordeaux Wines Collected Around The World

The following Bordeaux wines are the ones with the highest regard among collectors.

Château Ausone

Bordeaux wines from the Saint Émilion appellation including Château Pavie, Château Angélus, and Château Cheval Blanc fall in the Chateau Ausone category.

All wines in this category possess great taste and are a blend of different grapes. The 2012 vintage of Château Ausone Bordeaux wines were specially blended in new oak barrels. It is the strongest batch of wines from the most recent history of the Saint Émilion appellation. The oldest known Château Ausone wine in collecting is from 1952.

Château Lafite-Rothschild

From the time of King Louis XV, Chateau Lafite-Rothschild has had a great reputation. These wines are a source of enthusiasm and money for collectors. The best Lafite wines include those from 1846 and some batches between 1918 and1990. Lafite wines of 2000, 2003, and 2005 are also among the collectors’ favourites today.

Château Margaux

When the first set of Bordeaux wines were classified in 1855, the Chateau Margaux was named among the first growth. Their most exclusive wines, the Château Margaux Grand Vin bottles, could sell for more than 600 dollars today. 2009 and 2010 Margaux are some of today’s collectors’ favourites. They were made from slow-growing grapes affected by dry weather conditions, making them possess great sourness – a good quality for aged wines.

Château Palmer

Château Palmer is a popular third growth wine. It is among the only two wines from the Margaux appellation d ‘origine contrôlée. The 1959 Château Palmer is today the collectors’ reference for a bottle of good vintage wine and goes by the name “Vintage of the Century”.